Saturday, 3 March 2012

Donations - Please read before clicking the donate button

I want to say a heartfelt thank you for all of the messages of support, retweets and of course the donations I have received.

I set out trying to reach a target and I exceeded it by £9. The donations are strictly for legal costs only. I cannot make that any clearer.

However, some people have still said that they want to donate (see comments section/reddit) and rightly pointed out that I will still have other costs incurred nearer the time such as child care, travel, printing etc. I must admit I had my eye on those but I hoped to be able to put some more overtime in at work to try and cover it if I can.

However, in light of people requesting that I keep the donate link I will do so but only on the basis that people understand I have reached the total I wanted to for the legal costs so if people want to help me towards the sundry costs that would be a tremendous help because it's not cheap getting to London and back nor taking time off work.

If people search on the Consumer Action Group (user: vjohn82) they will see that I have worked, for nearly 4 years, helping people for free and even helping them in court all without asking for a penny in addition to other voluntary work in my local area. If I was a greedy person there would be no reason for me to have done those things. In any event, any donations which exceed my costs will go to a worthwhile cause.

After my previous request for donations I was left with £25 (ish) - this was donated to a local charitable cause helping a toddler who had been subject to domestic abuse (this was an appeal in the Nuneaton area).

So thank you for your donations and/or spreading the word.

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