Sunday, 27 November 2011

Couple of pics from the day

This is what the sign looks like... imposing or what?

This is first thing in the morning at Hillingdon station... all zapped on energy drinks of some description.

Neil ended up with the box after it all became too much... on the tube, the box ended up as a source of amusement. We essentially pretended that we were carrying a cat inside the box... funny conversations occurred on the tube with some very funny looks from fellow passengers when I pretended that the box was moving in my lap.

Dumb and Dumber... or Trevor and Neil as it says on their birth certificate. They are conjoined twins in case anyone was wondering.

Absolutely shattered... long way back to Nuneaton after facing the 7pm rush on the tube. The travelling was the hardest part of all to be honest.

Also, someone decided that they needed to use the toilet so we ended up getting the tube from one station to another without realising it would set us back about an hour (different directions). All part of the fun!


  1. Cool, I know where to come for advice now... :)

    Me? Well, Teh Latest

  2. you forgot to mention the text and the posed pic outside the

  3. I'll be covering that in another post TPG... it deserves it's own platform.