Sunday, 1 January 2012

Libel Reform: 2012 is the year

It's the New Year with lots of amazing possibilities despite the financial climate providing you are willing to work hard and persevere. Without perseverance we might as all give up and that's not in my nature. My Dad taught me about hard work and I'm not about to start forgetting that now in the midst of my libel defence.

Anyway, lots of libel victims of Christmas past have been throwing their weight behind the Libel Reform campaign. The movement first started with Simon Singh's libel case which ended with him winning thanks to the efforts of Sense About Science, David Allen Green and not forgetting the libel Jedi Master Robert Dougans (who is a Partner at Bryan Cave).

Simon Singh's long fought legal victory

Libel also gained notoriety due to a number of other high profile cases involving bloggers John Gray, Alex Hilton and David Osler.

John Gray, Robert Dougans & Alex Hilton
outside the RCJ

Libel also hit the headlines at the back end of 2011 with The Burzynski Clinic trying to use the favourable English libel laws via the passport route and in the process not only threatening Rhys Morgan with libel, a 17 year old kid, but also using some very unethical methods in the process (using pictures of his house to intimidate him).

I also read today that Willard Foxton who ended up losing a very prestigious position carrying investigative journalism at its very best. Read his horrific story here:

Investigative journalism is a cornerstone of democracy; we need it more than ever. I wouldn't profess to be at a standard of an investigative journalist but I try to apply similar skills to most of my online activities. I have a good bullshit radar and I am good at research. I do not post things without either researching it meticulously or having an honest belief in what I am writing. Sceptical thought process apply to my own beliefs and writing as much as anyone else. I have had to suffer some painful breaks with friends and family over a number of issues simply because I applied critical thinking to my everyday life. So I'm not a person who simply talks the talk. I will always stand by my principles no matter where that leads.

For info... my libel case is currently ongoing.

Here's Simon Singh on why libel is an unnecessary process, very draining for those sued and why reform is needed:

So PLEASE sign the petition here

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  1. Good summary there VJ - and fighting spirit.

    That Willard Foxton case a total shocker. I thought I had seen some in my time. Anyway, I have been saying for a while now, the judiciary seem to be applying more common sense in decision making these days which I think is down to the hard work of the Libel Reform Campaign and folks like you in the front line.

    Still some work to be done and I think it is a good idea to pull all our resources to provide something positive for libel victims in the New Year.

    This was also an inspiring New Year message from Peter Cherbi a law journalist who has also covered one recent well known libel and so called 'harrassment' case.

    Happy New Year from your supporters on